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Re: CO2 causing a rise in KH

Philippe Lemaire suggested:
"IMHO adding CO2 can prevent KH of going down...
I mean some plants can take carbon from carbonates when necessary and
make the 
KH lower.
When you give them CO2 they will take it from the CO2 and the KH will

The fella's got a point, up to a point.  When other sources are not
available, some plants (such as Vals), not all, can take up carbon from
the kinds of carbonates measured with KH tests.  But as I recall, this
requires a lot more energy than, for example, using CO2 as a carbon
source and many plants don't do it at all, while others don't do it if
they don't have too (if you'll excuse the teleological form of
description).  This is one more of the many things discussed in
Walstad's Treatise.

If you are adding enough CO2 for it to be "feeding" carbon to your
plants at all, it is unlikely that more CO2 with cause KH to rise.  It
is very unlikely to cause a marked immediate rise.

Scott H.

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