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RE: C pteridoides, E angustifolia available at AGA

The C pteridoides that Arthur obtained from me was indeed the plant I got
from Karen Randall.  I knew the name but just didn't have access to my files
and forgot to email it later.  I'm not so sure that website that was posted
really was pteridoides though.  This water sprite has HUGE and very visible
airpockets in it's leaves.  I just made a measurement of one plant that is
destined for the garbage soon, 270 mm across with 17 mm high air pockets.  I
don't think you could put this plant into the substrate unless you tied it
to a brick.  I keep it around for amusement pinching off and keeping the
baby plantlets and tossing or auctioning off the mother plant.  They can get
12 inches across pretty quickly with good light.  If you want some just show
up at the AGA conference in Chattanooga Nov 9-11th.  I will have plenty of
items for trade and for the rare plant auction on Saturday evening.  I
really picked up some nice (ok new to me) plants at their silent auction
last year including E. angustifolia, Eichornia diversifolia, C.
pontederiifolia, A. rigidifolia, Myrio mattogrossense (green), Hygro.
angustifolia, Z. dubia, pearl grass, & some nice "giant red" C. wendtii from
N. Frank.  I'm sure some of that fine-leafed watersprite that James Purchase
was talking about will also be available.  Easy to grow and makes a monster
plant if you let it go.  I'm sure you'll see Pot. perfoliatus, Lud repens x
palustris, and Phylanthus fluitans there too.  There were other items for
auction that I had never seen before and I'm sure I would have killed.  So
if you're really serious about getting some new plants and meeting a lot of
other plant-nuts make plans for the conference.  If you're looking for
trades at the conference please contact me off list.

Gary Lange
gwlange at mindspring_com