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Re: CO2 causing a rise in KH

IMHO adding CO2 can prevent KH of going down...
I mean some plants can take carbon from carbonates when necessary and make the KH lower.
When you give them CO2 they will take it from the CO2 and the KH will remain constant...


| Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2001 10:35:35 -0700
| From: "Dave Berryman" <dberryman7479 at mediaone_net>
| Subject: Re: CO2 causing a rise in KH
| Increasing the CO2 will reduce the pH - I can't see why it would
| change KH.  What are you measuring?  If you double the CO2 and KH the pH
| will stay the same.
| - - --
| Paul Sears        Ottawa, Canada
| I have received a lot of great information regarding this.  With all the big
| dogs talking, LOL.  Now I am doubting myself.  I will run some test to see
| if I can actually reduce the KH by adding more CO2 which will reduce the PH.
| I am almost 100% sure that is what I have been noticing but since all the
| e-mails I am now doubting myself :o)
| I am gone for an extended weekend so when I get back I will do more test and
| let ya know.
| Regards
| Dave Berryman