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Re: Adzsum Plus

Adzsum Plus is merely montmorillonite clay (pretty much the same thing that
Profile Clay Soil Conditioner, as well as some Kitty Litters), so it
certainly won't hurt your plants. Don't believe the stuff of their web site
about it being "paramagnetically-charged" - that sounds like they have been
growing something to smoke rather than something to eat.

I've used a Pyrophyllite Clay (trade name - Pyro Clay) with good results and
I would imagine that the Adzum Plus could be used for the same purpose. They
are approximately the same price (you _don't_ need 20 lbs!) and make many of
the same claims You could use it like laterite (mix a hadful into the lower
1/3 or a newly setup tank and then cover it with 2/3 clean gravel or make
clay balls and insert them into an already setup substrate.

I can think of no reason not to try it.

James Purchase