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Hello All,

I have a variety of plants in a 29G tank, with 55 W
compact flourescent lighting (Anacharis, Swords,
Cryptocoryne, Water Sprite, Water Wisteria, Java Moss,
Java Fern, Dwarf Sagittaria, Vallisneria). Recently, I
saw several of my fish (platies) trying to scratch
themselves on the Sword leaves, and suspected either
ich (although no white spots could be seen) or some
other protozoan disease and treated the water with
Rid-Ich for a week.The fish seem in a lot better
condition now, and have begun eating what they used to
a month ago. 

  The Anacharis were the only plants that became pale
upon the treatment (I understand that it is copper
sensitive). Strangely for me, after the anacharis 
turned pale, the platies started  devoured them, and
they were srtipped to the core in a few days.  They
are now putting out new "shoots".
Questions :
1. Has anybody seen this before, and why did the fish
find the anacharis (and only them in a variety of
plants) a veritable treat once the plants were treated
with Rid-Ich ?

2. Will the new growths surive , or should I  get a
new bunch of anacharis ?

Thanks in advance for any pointers.


Shanthi Pavan                              yeshpa at yahoo_com	http://www.geocities.com/yeshpa

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