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Java fern deficiency...?

<< Sometimes, the new leaves will have tips that are
but will turn opaque after a while.  I know this syndrome happens to
Java Ferns too. >>

I have some regular Java Fern that seems to have that problem. The new
growth is also coming out rather yellowish. Can anybody suggest what that
might be a diffiencency of? Nitrogen? Iron? It's growing on a piece of
driftwood. No liquid fertilizers (that should change soon). No fish,
either (died of plague; that should also change in a few weeks, once I'm
convinced that the bug has died for lack of hosts).

Any ideas what I would need to dose?

On a different note, I read recently that hair algae proliferates when
there is excess light/insufficient CO2. I have lots of hair algae. I
don't have a lot of light, but I don't have any CO2. I'm rounding up the
stuff for a yeast reactor, so we'll see if that helps. ;-)

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