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Re: plant eating tetras

>DO NOT use Buenos Aires Tetras (Hemigrammus
>If not well fed with palnt-based flakes, they can
>munch an 
>entire Anubias nana leaf out of existence in a few
>(mine do...). They are not good community fish

Wow.  They ate Anubias?  That's weird.  I once had a
Parotocinclus spilosoma that ate Anubais leaves, but I
didn't think tetras were capable.  

I feed my tetras a plant based flake, but they still
do it.  They're awfully rowdy at feeding time too.  I
would like to get something more sedate.  I have some
killies and dwarf croaking gouramies that I have to
feed with a turkey baster, and now that the tetras
have figured out that food comes out the bottom (after
2 years), getting food to them is a problem.  

Thanks, Cavan   

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