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Re: Excel and BG algae

I think you're supposed to grind up the CD first...

Oh, wait. You buy one of those $50,000 computerized CO2 injectors with
built-in pH and CO2 monitors and wire it to your digital video camera.
Then you program it to continually download pH and CO2 levels and pics of
your tank into Excel so you can correlate it and find the common
denominator of all your algae blooms, then upload it back to the CO2
injector to avoid repeat algae blooms. ;-) 

If we could just write software that could recognize the difference
between a pic of a normal plant and an algae-infested plant, we could
automate the entire process, thus virtually eliminating maintenance!
Perhaps we could also add a nitrate monitor and hook it up to an
automatic water changer, thus eliminating that job. Add some automatic
feeders and fertilizer pumps and a light timer, and you could forget
about your tank!

Or is Excel a type of fertilizer...? Names are so confusing.

William ;-)

<< Hey, I use Excel a lot - excellent spreadsheet software - but I would 
never have guessed it would control BGA.  Do I just drop the CD in 
the tank? Bill will be so pleased to hear of this new use for his 
software! ;>

Olga >>

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