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Re: Science Experiment

Maybe you could do a experiment with one tank using distilled water and the
other using tap water to see how big of a difference there is.  Also if you
did want to do the co2 experiment I would use a fast growing plant and not
java moss becuase it's a slow grower.

Or you could have 3 tanks, all with distilled or RO water, 1 with just a
fish, 1 with just a plant, and then 1 tank with a plant and a fish.  Now
never feed any of the three tanks and the fish should die in the first tank
(maybe you could just show how the fish becomes very unhealthy and not kill
him), and the plant shouldn't do very well in the distilled water tank.  But
then the third tank the fish would be eating from the plant and the making
the plant grow (or at least survive) with it's poop.  Now that's Ecology!

Or you could feed all three tanks and show how fish only tank gets really
dirty, plant only tank doesn't grow as much because the fish isn't
converting the food to good plant nutrients (still nutrients I think
though), and then the fish/plant tank would be healthier and cleaner.  Now
that's Ecology with some food thrown in.

Just suggestions.