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Re: Why is may water so hard?

On Thu, 18 Oct 2001, Kelvin Connelly wrote:
> Hi,
> First post. Lotsa reading.

> I use puified water which I adjust to 90 ppm GH for all water changes.
> For some reason the tank water reads 232 ppm GH. I have done 3 20%
> water changes with 15 ppm GH & the hardness has barely dropped. I use
> Seachem Flourish Trace, Flourish Excel, daily. Flourish twice a week,
> Iron & Trace (powder) occasionally, all in recommended dosages (Except
> for Flourish, which I double). Could this have any affect on hardness?
> If not what could be the problem.


I don't think any of the products you listed should effect the hardness of
your water.  I'm not sure what "Iron & Trace" is, though.

Could you have a some shell, rock or rocks in your tank that are soluble,
or maybe soluble material in your gravel?

Roger Miller