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Re: CO2 causing a rise in KH

> From: "Dave Berryman" <dberryman7479 at mediaone_net>
> Subject: RE: CO2 causing a rise in KH 
> >Tomoko Schum wrote, in response to my comment that . . .CO2 won't lower
> >or raise the KH.
> I have zero scientific formal education or chemistry for that matter
> (disclaimer), but I have certainly found that if I increase my CO2 input,
> that my PH drops 


> which also means my KH drops

	If the CO2 concentration rises, then the pH drops, even if the KH
stays the same.  Double the CO2 and the pH drops by 0.3

> and if my PH rises due to less
> CO2 input then my KH rises.

	What makes you think the KH changes with CO2 concentration?

>  So I am not sure how the above sentence could
> be true.

	CO2 concentration _won't_ change the KH.
> Which brings me to another question that I have been struggling with.  How
> do I increase my KH to around 4-6ppm without raising my PH?  By adding
> Baking Soda I can raise the KH but my PH raises as well.

	As one would expect.  Double the KH, increase pH by 0.3

>  When this happens
> I can increase my CO2 but then my KH lowers again. Grrrrrr!

	Increasing the CO2 will reduce the pH - I can't see why it would
change KH.  What are you measuring?  If you double the CO2 and KH the pH
will stay the same.

Paul Sears        Ottawa, Canada