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Re: BG algae and trace elements

I had a tank go completely bg algae. I added a dose of Excel and sheets of bg 
rolled up. I vacumed out all the mess and have continued excel and no more 
bg. I have a herd of snails in the gravel and when conditions get bad they 
slide up the sides for a gulp of air. I dose again and they go back under. 
Someone explain, please.
Bruce in NJ

>I wasn't ready to
>add CO2 to the tank, so I'm trying Seachem's Excel as a carbon suppliment.
>I need to throw in some ramshorn snails to keep the leaves clean.
>So far it's working pretty well.  The BGA is gone and I hope that the
>treatment and the changes in the tank will reset whatever trend it was
>that let the BGA gain dominance.