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RE CO2 causing a rinse in KH

I seem to have gotten Scott confused rather badly.  Sorry,
Scott.  Must be my Japanglish or the way I rambled on in my

What I reported originally was that KH suddenly shot up to
6.0 while pH stayed at 6.6.  This translates to the
dissolved CO2 level of 45 milligrams/liter (and my fish was
gasping for air.)

What is puzzling to me is actually the sudden rise in
dissolved CO2 level.  As I mentioned earlier, pH did not
change.  The pressurized CO2 injection rate (controlled with
a Swagelok needle valve) into Eheim filter intake was the
same as before.  The same amount of CO2 going into the water
with the same diffusion method.

I started aerating the tank last night and this morning no
fish was gasping for air.  However, it would be nice to know
what's behind the rise in the level of dissolved CO2 in my
tank water.