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RE: CO2 causing a rise in KH

>Tomoko Schum wrote, in response to my comment that . . .CO2 won't lower
>or raise the KH.

I have zero scientific formal education or chemistry for that matter
(disclaimer), but I have certainly found that if I increase my CO2 input,
that my PH drops which also means my KH drops and if my PH rises due to less
CO2 input then my KH rises.  So I am not sure how the above sentence could
be true.

Which brings me to another question that I have been struggling with.  How
do I increase my KH to around 4-6ppm without raising my PH?  By adding
Baking Soda I can raise the KH but my PH raises as well.  When this happens
I can increase my CO2 but then my KH lowers again. Grrrrrr!

Any help with this would be appreciated.

Dave Berryman