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Re: ceratopteris deltoidea

Thank you James for your interesting account.

I seem to recall Gary saying that he obtained the
plant from Karen Randall, and that it had been
collected from the Amazon.

Given that, and having found the following picture:


I am fairly certain that I have Ceratopteris
pteridoides.  Which I suppose was called ceratopteris
deltoidea by Innes, and may have been called Indian
Water Fern previously in the trade.

According to the source below, this plant is edible,
although unfortunately, no recipe has been provided. 
Anyone on the list actually eat any of their plants? 
The leaves look pretty tough--I'm not sure I'm that
keen for extra vegetables, but maybe if I get another
source that it is in fact edible, I'll give it a try.

I found the following description:

"These interesting tropical, aquatic Ferns are found
in ponds and lakes in many parts of the world,
including North America. C. pteridoides, the Floating
Fern, is an edible plant from South America. It is
found growing wild in Florida, along the Gulf Coast of
Mississippi and Louisiana. This plant produces
rosettes of pale green, floating, sterile fronds that
are buoyed up with internal air pockets. Taller,
much-divided, larger, fertile fronds stand upright in
the center of these. Viviparous buds form in the
notches of the leaf margins."


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