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ceratopteris deltoidea

Question about a plant.

I have a floating plant that I obtained from Gary
Lange (good man that Gary).  He described it a form of
water sprite obtained from the Amazon.  But he didn't
know the scientific name.

It has very broad leafs, and over time, can produce
aerial leaves that are septated, more like regular
water sprite.  It has long roots, and produces little
plantlets, just like a fern.

Ok.  I took a specimen in to my LFS (yes, the guy who
works at the LFS is an expert, and every time I talk
to the guy I ask myself "what the heck is this guy
doing working at a fish store").  He said the plant
was "Indian Water Fern."  Used to be very plentiful in
the hobby, but very difficult to find now.

He also said that it is depicted in old editions of
Innes.  In my book, that is on page 110.  Certopteris
deltoidea.  I did a search on this name both on google
and on APD archives and came up with nada.

Can anyone verify the history of this plant?  Used to
be common but now rare?  (you can't account for taste
these days).  Sorry no picture of this plant.


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