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Commercial Air Pumps

Dave Denkhaus wrote: "does anyone have a link or site or advice on where to 
find a good air pump"

Try this site for air pumps. www.wetthumbaquatics.com   Go to the blower 
area of their site. I searched and came up with this site that offers pumps 
made by Gast Manufacturing that appear to be an improvement over the one I 
used when I was in High School.

I went directly to the Gast Manufacturing site at: www.gastmanufacturing.com 
  Look under Rotary vane pumps and you will see the type of pump I used. 
They will send out very fine carbon particles in the air line that can tend 
to clog air valves over time. A good air filter should work though. I had to 
bleed off the excess air so that I wouldn't put to much back pressure on the 

Jerry Smith, Bloomingdale, NJ

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