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Christmas vs. Java moss


How rude am I? 

The Christmas moss is doing fabulous in my tank as is the narrow leaf Java 
fern. Every little scrap of that fern, even a little piece I broke off by 
mistake is sprouting new growth. Ditto the moss.

It seems that, in establishing a plant, it will often hang on in a 
plateau-like phase before reaching some internal threshold whereupon it takes 
off like a jet.  Both plants are now taking off like a jet in a high light, 
gas CO2 enriched tank. Some (most) plants do well for me in this tank and it 
looks as if these will be no exception. 

I planted the ferns by the underside of a branch method since I love that 
look and knew exactly what you were referring to when you described it. If 
the convention was another two months off, I'd probably be able to contribute 
some to the cause.
Thanks again for gorgeous plants which came so neatly packaged. 

There isn't a day that goes by in which I don't look at them and think good 
thoughts about you. I should have said so much earlier.

Bob Olesen
West Palm Beach