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RE: X-mass Moss / narrow leaf Java Fern

K L wrote:

>Glad to know that your moss is doing well.  I do wonder, sometimes,
>how the moss is doing in the tanks of the folks who got the plant from
>me.  I get so little feedback that I'm inclined to believe that, for most
>of them, the moss is already either dead in their tanks or like you said,
>faded away.  Please tell me I am wrong.

My moss is growing also -- unfortunately it is pretty infested with hair /
thread algae at the moment, but it is about 3 times the size it was when I
got it.

>I wonder too, about the Narrow Leaf Java Ferns.  How many of those
>who received the stems from me had succeeded in growing the plant.
>The stems should have sprouted a few leaves by now.  If yours did,
>please tell me.  Thanks.

Well, the little bitty piece that you so kindly included with my moss is
surviving... Again, the algae problems I am having have affected it -- the
little roots are pretty covered.  There are 3 new leaves though -- the
original 2 were removed because the algae had covered them.

Thanks again K L for being so thoughtful!  Sorry I didn't update you earlier
-- I've been battling the algae and working 2nd shift for the last few
weeks.  Thinks are finally calming down, but it looks like I have my first
case of green water to deal with!  Yippee!  It is doing a good job killing
the staghorn algae though!!