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Small White Worms

The message from Tim Henshaw regarding these worms is right on I am of the 
humble opinion.

>>>>>>Sounds like you have a population explosion of nematodes. These little
beasties normally live in the tank in very low numbers, but when things go
awry and there is a build up of waste products in the tank, these critters
feed like crazy and they start to appear in the tank. They don't as far as
I'm aware cause any real harm to your fish, but they can be indicative of
other things not being ideal. I would tend to do a good clean of the tank -
filter, water change etc. this will not eradicate them but reduce the
numbers. They wouldn't be there if there wasn't food available for them. We
often get them here particularly if a filter is due a clean. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Nematodes have no circular muscles and therefore will swim in a snakelike 
movement-somewhat like a limber stick or rope being shaken at one end.  They 
have only longitudinal muscles.  They often appear in tanks with little 
oxygen and an excess of food.  If you can, increase the oxygen supply as well 
as do a partial water change.  The increased air supply will not help to get 
rid of them, but will benefit the fish and improve their comfort zone as well 
as chances of their survival.

E. L. Morehouse

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