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Re: Small white worms

>>I was wondering if someone could help me identify these tiny, skinny white
worms in a 10 gal tank of mine. And if they would do any harm to the fish.
They swim like snakes or in an "S" pattern, are very thin and only about 1
in length. It's an apisto borelli breeding tank with cladaphora and java
otos, and a small snail that arrived with the moss. The tank has been
established for about 4 months with low nitrates, low hardness, and pH
6. ANy help would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance,<<

Sounds like a type of Planaria or aquatic flatworm. Hydra is another type,
but has small tentacles coming from one end and will stick your glass.
http://www.aquabotanic.com/worms.htm Basically harmless, many fish will eat

Robert Paul H
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