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Re: Walstaed's book

Well for you? You should get it. If your into this hobby, it's a must have
on the book shelf. Not much has been done on the natural types of plant
tanks not using CO2.
 This is about the only decent book for this kind of approach(non CO2). You
might not find everything applicable to a high tech CO2 injected tank but I
think that is the point!
I see it as a book to offer an alternative to the fast paced CO2 enriched
algae hell that some(many) folks have issues with. It cost less, goes slower
therefore requiring less pruning and general maintenance. It is a more
"hands off" approach. Algae grows slower and herbivores can therefore be
more effective. Many folks just cannot keep their hands out of it:-)
Many folks that have done it in the past(or are now) are happy and surprised
when they find it does work.
More a read book than a pic/plant profile book. Might give you some notions
that you will try or use in the future. Like a non CO2 tank!
Tom Barr