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Re: waterlillies

       From: "Alicia and Simon Voorwinde" <svavevav at idx_com.au>

If you regularly trim the floating leaves off some lotus species in the
aquarium they eventually only produce submerged leaves. I'm wondering if
this is the case with all water lillies and if you do trim the floating
leaves off will they still produce flower stems ?

My guess is that they will not produce flowers.  When they are small they
don't produce floating leaves until they get big enough. When they do
produce floating leaves they then get a lot bigger.  Then they produce
flowers.  The way to stop them from producing floating leaves is to cut off
the floating leaves until they stop making them.  At that point they are
back to a size and energy level where they start making submersed leaves,
again.  Basically, you hack them back to the size where they make submersed

However, there is nothing like an experiment to find out the answer.  Try
and see if you can get a water lily to flower without having any floating

Paul Krombholz, in central Mississippi, where we had tornado warnings and
heavy rains yesterday.