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Re: Anyone have Walstad's book?

Victor wrote:

>I was wondering if anyone has Diana Walstad's book Ecology of the Planted
>Aquarium?  I was thinking of picking up a copy but I wanted to get some
>impressions of the book.

IMHO, I think it is an excellent book written with intelligence and packed 
with thought-inspiring information.  It caters to the "low-tech" type of 
tank: low light, soil substrate, no injected CO2, and ferts through fish 
food.  The assertions made by the author are backed up by sound scientific 
method so far as I'm able to judge, and the practical application of the 
science is highlighted in Q&A sidebars, so it's not just science for 
science's sake.  The book is extremely readable as well.  I devoured it in 
an afternoon and have gone back several times to savor the tasty bits.

Despite the fact that the emphasis is on low tech, I think anyone 
interested in aquatic plants and "natural" aquaria can get a lot out of 
this book.  It will disappoint you if you're looking for a book full of 
pretty pictures and tips on aquascaping, but if the scientific side of this 
hobby piques your interest then you will probably enjoy this book as much 
as I have (and still do!).  It looks good on a coffee table to boot :)

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Chuck Huffine
Knoxville, Tennessee  USA
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