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Strange rice-like things on amazon sword roots

Hi all;

Just pulled up a big sword of some sort (species unknown), and noticed some weird rice shaped structures on one root. Could anyone describe the function of these structures? They're about .7 mm wide and the longest ones are 5 mm. The picture is at www.top-quark.com/sword/root.jpg 

The structures are present on only one root, though most of the root system was left behind when I uprooted it (I had to cut away most of it, as smaller roots had infiltrated ever nook and cranny of the substrate)

The plant is about 2 years old, and has been growing out of the water for most of its life.

http://www.top-quark.com/swords/P5100085.jpg is the plant before it was pulled (a year old or so)

Many thanks,