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Chelated Iron Supply

Laurel Merrell wrote:

"Also, I never received any replies about alternative sources of chelated
iron (ie hardware store garden dept. iron chelate) . No one has tried this?"

We've tried it, ethyl methane sulfanate as an alkalating agent. The potent
mutagen, it created a virus so lethal the subject was dead before he left
the table.

Oh, wait.....sorry, wrong newsgroup.

The point of an iron source isn't just to provide iron. The iron is needed
yes, but since it's the only trace element for which there are reasonably
priced test kits, the amount of iron present is a proxy for all the other
trace elements as well. The assumption is, that a well balanced trace
element mix will provide the other trace elements in ratios to iron such
that when the correct amount of iron is present, then the amounts of the
other trace elements are also correct. Go to
http://www.thekrib.com/Plants/Fertilizer/pmdd-tim.html where the information
on PMDD is presented. I called Plantex and they put me in contact with a US
distributor. An excerpt:

Plantex's "CSM"
314 Orenda Ave, Brampton, Ontario
L6T1G1 Canada
[Thanks to Kevin Conlin]
$30 US for 5Lbs

 Regular CSM             CSM+B Mix
Fe  7.0%                      6.53%
Mn  2.0%                     1.87%
Mg  1.5%                      1.40%
Zn  0.4%                      0.37%
Cu  0.1%                      0.09%
Mo  0.05%                  0.05%
B  0.0%                      1.18%
Co  0.0%                      0.00%

See how there is a lot of other stuff there? Other trace mixes should work
equally well. Five pounds is several lifetime's supply, I have sold off most
of mine a pound at a time. I even traded a baggy of it for some plants while
sitting in a restaurant, only a few feet away from some police officers.
Imagine the explanation we would have had to present if they'd noticed.

Tom Wood
Austin, Texas, ya'll