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Re: Catching fish

I am not sure how you placed the trap in the tank but
to catch the tetras I would suspend in the middle od
the column. Also you might want several holes in it to
allow some circulation. If several fish are in there
it is possible that one of the plec types could harm
others if it got to thrashing about.


I just want to add that this works great for SAE. I
just did it two 
days ago
and caught the SAE within 5 minutes. Unfortunately, I
took them out, 
left the trap in overnight to see if the bleeding
heart tetras would 
for it. When I woke up, I had the following in it:

1 clown loach,
1 spotted cory cat
2 cherry barbs
1 bushy nosed pleco

All were DEAD! presumably from lack of oxygen?? It was
a 2 liter 

So, the trap works well, but please watch it - don't
leave it overnight 
I did. Also, it doesn't work so well for bleeding
heart tetras. *sob*


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