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Catching fish

Perhaps the easiest method of catching those fish in the jungle is to do
that big water change. Drain off 60% of the water or more. You can move much
faster and the net works much much better. Then if you know your tap's N and
P you can re-set your macro and traces and add dechlorinator, buffers for KH
etc. It's good to clean the tank out once in a while anyhow.
Catching fish in 4 inches of water is not that difficult. I don't have to
even pull a single plant or even get your arm slopping wet. Plant will be
happy after also.
It tends to piss folks off when they see the fish they want out swimming
happy as a clam. As soon as the net hits the water forget it. Most of the
fish I love are hard to catch and good at avoidance. They only LOOK easy to
Tom Barr