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Re: preventing mold growth in fertilizer via acid of some type...

>The mold is growing on the organic chelating agent, which is probably EDTA.
>I use iron DPTA, and have a mold problem with that chelating agent, too.
>I tried hydrochloric acid, but when I used enough to inhibit the mold, it
>precipitated out a good deal of the iron DPTA.  I found that I could kill
>the mold  and sterilize the solution by heating the solution to boiling.

Currently, I'm mixing and tweaking this solution on a weekly basis until I
get a feel for what the right formulations will end up beign for my tank.
I might try boiling the solution, since that seems like a good and safe
solution to the problem, I would like to find a solution that minimizes
the effort involved.  Since the solution is very dilute, I don't know if I
would have problems with precipitation should I lower the pH.  However, I
appreciate the heads up, sice I didn't consider that.  My best guess at this
point is that if I can get the pH down about 2 points, it would be enough
to stop growth.  'couse if this ruins the solution or causes lots of
precipitation, its kind of a wasted effort.