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Re: sulphurous odor

On Thu, 11 Oct 2001, Scott M wrote
> THat would certainly be a massive undertaking! It is a
> 125 gallon tank that is absolutely loaded with plants.
> Is there any need to fear the problem getting to a
> point where the tank smells bad all the time or
> becomes insuitable to life?

I've never actually heard of that happening, but I suppose it's possible.

> If not I think I will just
> be careful not to remove the plants. Would MLB snails
> fix this with their burrowing? I have a few scattered
> around in other tanks but have avoided them in this
> one due to the reputation they have as egg eaters.

Malaysian trumpet snails may help, but it would take more than a few to
keep the substrate in a 125 sweet.  But then, start with a few and it
won't tank all that much time before you have quite a few.

Also, take care not to overfeed.  You have to get fairly strongly reducing
conditions to promote hydrogen sulfide, and that usually means a lot of
decaying organic matter.  Some of that matter could be from plant roots
that were damaged and died in the substrate.  It can also be from
driftwood that isn't mature enough to be stable.  Anything that you can
identify and remove will help to keep the problem from getting worse.

Roger Miller