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Re: Should I continue to send plants through the post?

> for a while.  I received a message (appended below) a few hours
> ago.  If I had received such a message exactly a month ago, I would

Despite the messages claim to the contrary, it's a hoax.   The end.

> If what was said in the message below is even slightly true, I suppose
> the people in the customs and post offices will check every envelope

Not enough manpower even if they wanted to.

The US Post office has been running a slow lately (since the attacks)
but I think it's mainly due to problems with the airlines, and having to
re-route shipments via other means.

I've mailed several plant shipments over the past couple weeks.  One
went to the east coast, and got there in 4 days.   Another was going
just a few hundred miles south of me, and took a week.   

> people attacked by the Klingerman Virus, a virus that
> arrives in your real mailbox, not in your e-mail
> inbox.

From the CDC (Center for Disease Control) website:

Chuck Gadd