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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #1334

THat would certainly be a massive undertaking! It is a
125 gallon tank that is absolutely loaded with plants.
Is there any need to fear the problem getting to a
point where the tank smells bad all the time or
becomes insuitable to life? If not I think I will just
be careful not to remove the plants. Would MLB snails
fix this with their burrowing? I have a few scattered
around in other tanks but have avoided them in this
one due to the reputation they have as egg eaters.

Scott M (the Z is a nickname ;-))

If you used fine sand for the sand layer in the middle
of your 
then that may be part of your problem.  Fine sand
doesn't always cause
problems, but every now and then someone runs into

If the problem does persist, then you may want to redo
your substrate.

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