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Re: GFCI's ELCB's etc. (was RE HELP! Stray voltage and grounding prob es)

>"Most GFCIs on cords for are intended for use with power tools and DO need
>to be reset if the the power goes off."
>When I started keeping fish I had this problem - fortunately the first time
>I had a power-cut I was around & able to see the problem (& now have >removed
>the ELCB I had fitted).

Hmm. That's strange. GFCIs should not need to be manually reset if they
loose power. I suspect that your GFCI is seeing a false ground fault when
the power fails (or returns) and is tripping due to that. Unfortunatly
cycling of nearby inductive loads (motors / transformers) can sometimes
trigger GFCIs on the same circuit. I have a set of little grow-out tanks
that are on such a circuit that trips occasionally when a certain light is
turned off :-(

>Does anyone know of a source of ELCB's / GFCI's or whatever in the U.K that
>don't need to be manually reset after a power-cut?

The GFCI breakers that go in electric panels are usually more resistant to
false tripping than the little in-wall plug kinds or the in-cord kinds.
They tend to be significantly more expensive too (about 2-3 times more
here). I have *never* seen one trigger on a false ground fault though.


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