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SAEs eat Christmas Moss

Hi, folks,

I like to share an observation which I made recently - SAEs eat
Christmas Moss.

After I took down my moss wall about a month ago, I tried to
re-grow a new one.  But after a few weeks, nothing
happened.  The moss wasn't growing.  No new fronds were
coming out of the holes in the plastic mesh which I used to
sandwich the moss.  I was wondering why when I noticed one
day that my 2 adult SAEs were loitering around the moss
wall quite a bit.  They seem to be pruning the moss but I wasn't

So I decided to take the SAEs out.  And sure enough, a few days
later, new fronds were pushing out from the holes of the plastic mesh.
I remember having SAEs too when I put up my first moss wall.  But then,
I never had a problem.  It could be that, at that time, the SAEs were still
very young.  I guess they are like the Chinese algae eaters which, although
are peace-loving fishes when young, can become terrible bullies when fully-

So, if you have adult SAEs in your tank and your christmas moss doesn't
seem to be growing, it could very well be that the moss is being eaten.

Loh K L