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Re: re: sulphur odor

My substrate is about half to three quarters inch clay
cat litter, topped with about two and a hlaf to three
inches of sand topped with around half an inch or more
of flourite. THe odor only comes when I pull a plant
out. Everything thrives in the tank including fish,
snails, and ghost shrimp. THere is a school of
cardinals a population of platys, a couple of discus,
a pair of Sturisoma cats, some ginat ottos, and
assorted apisots.



It might help us give you a meaningful answer if you
told us something
about your substrate.  Sulfurous odors aren't
something we all live
with, so it's easy to say that they will probably go
away.  That isn't
true if your substrate contains something odd.  I
don't want to hear 
substrate is 2" of whole wheat flour covered with an
inch of baco-bits. 
I set it up two weeks ago and I really like the
color." :)

Roger Miller

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