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Re: Which Clay for Fertilizer Balls

Thanks to all who offered input on my question about clay fertilizer 
balls. The moist clay is definitely out. I spoke with someone from 
Laguna Clay and while he didn't want to reveal the exact recipe for 
moist clay, he did say that it is treated with an antibacterial 
chemical of some kind. A good thing to know.

The brand of (Amaco) moist Mexican clay that I mentioned is out for 
similiar reasons.

I finally found someone who would order the RedArt clay from Laguna 
for me. Hard to believe, but there is no dry red clay of any kind 
anywhere in my town. LOL, a 50 lb. sack should keep me up to my 
eyeballs in clay balls for quite some time.

Now would anyone care to share their favorite clay ball recipe with 
me? I'm thinking of using dry PMDD mix for them, but wondering about 
how much to use.