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calcium deficiency?

Hello all. Long time reader, first time writer here with what I think is a 
trace element deficiency of some type. My bacopa, rotala indica and mayaca 
have begun to put out tiny, distorted cupped leaves but only  about 50% of 
the shoots are doing it.  The distorted leaves only appear on new growth 
which has recently exploded due to the addition of a pressurized CO2 system 
(by M3 incidentally, working quite well thus far).  According to Chuck's 
aquarium page it is either calcium or boron. It makes sense that since my 
growth has exploded I'm witnessing the depletion of stores that were adequate 
for  a slower rate of growth. But why are only some of the leaves affected 
and not others? And how does one go about replacing boron (Borax?) or calcium 
especially when my calcium should be sky high since I'm using Texas tap water 
aka the liquid rock? I've put a little chunk of limestone in the tank to see 
what happens but I doubt that this will solve my problem. Any suggestions?

Other particulars:
20L, 4 watts/gal, pressurized CO2 at 2 bubbles per minute (recently upgraded 
from DIY CO2), gravel is 50/50 fluorite, regular gravel with scattered 
substrate gold cookies pushed in. 

pH 6.8, KH 6, GH 5, Nitrate 5-10ppm. I have recently begun adding PMDD using 
the recipe provided by hydroponics. Before I was using various concoctions 
including Leaf Zone (pretty nice supply of iron and potassium actually), old 
flourish. Water changed once per week, 30-50% tap. Sorry, no funding for 
further testing. 

I think that this could be the beginning of a large problem if I don't 
address it soon. After shelling out the dough for the CO2 I'd hate to have it 
all for naught. 

Renee in Dallas