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Re: Amazon Sword

James Purchase wrote:
> Bob, my Echinodorus "Ozelot" bloomed last year and I was able to separate
> about a dozen "plantlets" from the flower spike. I planted a number of them
> in an aquarium and also tried to grow a few of them in pots emersed. All of
> the ones I placed underwater are doing fiine but none of the emersed ones
> survived - they just dried up.
> I wouldn't say that you _can't_ get Ozelot to grow emersed, maybe it just
> needs a bit more humidity in the air than I was able to provide until the
> plants gets established. It might be an idea to place the potted babies in
> an empty aquarium with very damp peat moss around the pots and a close
> fitting cover until they have established some size.
> James Purchase, Toronto

Thanks James,
Sounds like I'm not likely to have much luck growing them in *dry* air.
:-(  I thought maybe since the new plantlets have never been immersed
and they have tough little round leaves instead of big sword-shaped
leaves that they might grow as terrestrial plants if given the chance.

I still may try it with one or two, but I won't get my hopes up.

Best regards,