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water swarming with tiny creatures?

The changes in light and filtering I've made in my aquarium seem to have
favored the growth of some tiny creatures.  The water has been getting
cloudier the last couple of days.  Yesterday I rearranged some of the plants
and while my hands were in the water they began to itch.  As I watched the
tank after moving the plants I realized the cloudiness are small creatures.
The fish have been flashing occasionally but really started to do so after I
stirred things up.  With my naked eye I can barely see worm like things
swimming near the surface of the water.  I think there also some smaller
rounder creatures swarming near the surface. At first I wondered if they
were some kind of fry but my Gourami's have not spawned as far as I know.  I
did have ghost shrimp that died off after I started using that new brine
shrimp gel.  (Which I have stopped using after talking to the fish person at
PetSmart who related a similar experience someone else had with the product)
Could the creatures be baby shrimp?  Daphnia? Some how I don't think they
are.  Today I did about a 30% water change and that helped reduce the
density of the creatures but they are still there.  Does anyone have any
idea what they might be?  I don't see any obvious signs of parasites on my
fish, yet, except the flashing.  I don't have a microscope handy but I do
have a 10x glass I can use.  I don't know if I should try a parasiticide (I
have Parasite Guard and Clear Water on hand), salt or wait it out with
frequent water changes.

Thanks for any help!

Terry King