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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #1330

So my question is where I can find a good quality grounding probe that does
not leak any heavy metals into the water and that can resist corrosion and,
above all, which is safe to use (e.g. no water leaking into electricity
socket via wire insulation). Does anyone know of a (possibly European)
source of good grounding probes?

Any suggestions?

Davy Cleys

Grounding probes are widely used in the reef keeping side of the hobby. 
Probably any decent fish store that sells live corals will either have one 
for sale or can get you one. In the US, mail order fish supply companies all 
sell these. They just drop into the tank and attach to ground.

You may also want to determine the source of your stray voltage. Try 
disconnecting each electrical gizmo (heater, filter,lights, etc) one at a 
time and see if the pH readings stabilize. Leaking electricity from whatever 
could be a safety hazard for you, so you may be better off replacing or 
fixing whatever is leaking curent instead of grounding your system.

Another cause of pH drift in controllers is placement of the probe too close 
to other electrical devices. You may want to play around with the location of 
your probe and see if this has any effect.

Do you calibrate the controller on a regular basis? If you calibrate a 
meter/controller and it doesn't hold the calibration, then that usually means 
it is time for a new probe.

Hope this helps.