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Interesting pH discovery

Yesterday I moved one of my barrel ponds indoors to protect my shubunkins
and tender pond plants.  I decided to keep it a still pond only using a
small fountain pump with a sponge prefilter when necessary, keeping the
outlet submerged.  In moving it I had to add about 50% new water.  I just
tested the water and discovered that the pH is still 7.2.  Curious, since I
just did water changes on my tank and two betta containers yesterday, I
checked the pH of my betta vase, also 7.2.  My tank is at its normal 7.8.
Tap water is still 7.2 freshly drawn.  Could my whole pH issue be from my
filter causing the CO2 to diffuse rapidly?  I'll keep testing my pond water
to see if the pH ever does go up.  If it stays steady I guess I should use a
tank filter that doesn't break the water surface.

Any comments?

Terry King
taeking at endlesshealth_com