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Re: Re: seachem buffer counter ions & green water

Thanks for the comments. 

I currently use CaCl, KCl+ KSO4, epsom salts and baking soda to suplement my water.  I have tried using acetic acid/acetate as a buffer but that caused bacterial blooms or something.. not quite sure. (cloudy water starting ~24hrs after addition lasting ~24hrs) 

Anyhow, I was unhappy with the amounts of sulfate that I was adding.   My major reference for these things is the Kaspar Horst book with all the data from various streams in asia. (sorry guys, not sure if there is an english version).  Anyhow in that book the measured SO4 levels are not nearly so high as they would be if I use S04 as a counter ion for everything.  Maybe S04 levels are not so critical? 

I looked up the old post you mentioned and agree that some Na should be added.  In the Horst book he found that in a number of locals the Na levels were higher than Mg! (the book is at home or i would add numbers. If your interested I could write a new post tonight  with more data)  However, if all your carbonate comes from baking soda your Na could be greater than your Ca. hmm.  Maybe Alkaline buffer + baking soda would allow for a more ballenced reconstitution. 

also, Mn should probably be included in any DIY method as I don't believe the amounts in  Flourish (what I use) are sufficient.  Any comments?

Final comments; the reason I think that the green water is comming from the tap is because the same weekend it "appeared" my betta jugs at work also experienced a green water bloom. These jugs are only tap water + dechloraminator (sp?).  daily water changes did not fix the betta problem. finally I just put them in distilled water. it is now 4 days later and the betta jugs are crystal clear. hmm.  
One of my lab mates proposed filter sterilizing the tap and then addng it. this should distingwish between algae in the tap vs. algae promoting factors in the tap.  (Do we get any work done during the day you might ask... )
I will keep  you posted on any exciting developments... =)

Thanks again,