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Re: Trichomanes


Tepoot's book does list Trichomanes javanicum in the
terrarium section. However, if you look closely, you
will see it in his example tanks in the front of the
book. Example B front and center, and example D front
and center. Yuck.....

He also lists Cyperus helferi as terarrium(see Amano),
and  Marsilea crenata and M. quadrifolia as unsuitable
tank additions. They float with the best of them as
well as being suitable for foreground addition. 

Hmph...I am not a fan of "postcard" books with no
relavent info at all, nor, do I believe, should we
place much faith in their preachings. Thats just my

We could've done without this one.

John Wheeler  

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