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Stagehorn algae problem (was NH4)

Tom Barr mentioned he had initiated a Staghorn and Green water outbreak in
one of his tanks.  I did some searching on both The Krib and through the APD
archives, and I believe I am suffering from Staghorn and not BBA like I
initially thought.  I had written the group last month for help with BBA and
got some good responses from Mr. Barr.  So, now that I think this is
Staghorn, and not BBA (anyone got a picture?) any hints on how to get rid of
it?  Most of the stuff in the archives seems to suggest removing plants and
bleaching for 1-3 minutes... 

Any help appreciated.  I can post some tank specifics if it will help:

60 gal tank w/ pressurized CO2 diffusing through a M3 J-diffuser (like the
Eheim one) 
110 watts 9320 K PC + 96 watts 6700 K (3.4 watts/gal) 
pH 6.4-6.6 
KH / GH: 6 / 5 
Nitrate 5-7 ppm
Iron 0.2 (Seachem)
CO2 - Somewhere around 30 ppm, according to the Lamotte kit
Phosphate 0.1 (Seachem)
Daily dose of 0.5 mL PMDD using latest formula on The Krib.
Also dosing 1 mL of KNO3 every other day

I need to retest tomorrow, so I will post those numbers if they help.

I have also removed the huge swords and replaced them with a ton of green
hygro, some Lysimachia, and some bacopa.