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Re: NH4

> No one seems to want to answer this question: if you dose NH4 with a product
> like amquel, can you eliminate its toxicity?

I think we might want to ask Kordon about that. I would be interested in
seeing how long it takes and is the bound/neutralized NH4 plant available
> Please keep us filled in on what happens, Tom. I'm guessing that you expect an
> algae outbreak?

Oh yes. A nasty one. Actually I just did it and I'm not sure when to stop
but there's all sorts of hell going on in the tank. I added some Cladphora
balls to see how they reacted. Wow. They went sexual and now I have lots of
tiny tufts all over. Staghorn and Green water hit very hard. I'm still
wondering if I should go after the staghorn. It ruined a field of Hairgrass.
Pissed me off. Well I have another tank that has hairgrass so I'll just toss
it out and add Riccia stones all over. Only a couple of types of algae mess
with that.
Tom Barr