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Seachem equilibrium and Alkaline Buffer counter-ions

I beleive that I have been getting green water from my nasty texas tap water that I mix with my RO water to buffer my 180gal plant tank. (time of year for algae bloom or something)  So far it is under control (just a little green) but I was investigating ways to remineralize my RO. 
So, alkaline buffer adds carbonates without sodium. someone on the list mentioned it did so with pottasium and calcium carbonates? but the exact ratios etc.. are not officially stated on the seachem web site. 
Equilibrium re-mineralizes but again I don't know what the counter ions are. SO4? CO3? Cl? 
I would imagine that Equillibrium also raises the KH and Alkaline Buffer also raises the GH a bit. 
Is this true? If so what is the major advantage in using both products? For example could I use Acid Buffer and Equilibrium to maintain a pH of 6.0?

Tarah Nyberg.