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Re: Which Clay for Fertilizer Balls?

> Date: Sat, 6 Oct 2001 01:13:54 -0600
> From: jmarella at home_com
> I would like to make my own clay fertilizer balls and I'm hoping 
> someone out there has some ideas to offer on which brands of clay 
> will work for this.I've read alot about Laguna's RedArt clay and it 
> seems that it is used alot for these balls. Unfortunately, I don't 
> have a supplier nearby.
> Assuming that this clay is all wrong, what other clay options are there?
> JoAnn

I've used unscented non-clumping "kitty litter" absorbant clay.  Just
grind it up to a powder and add a little water and whatever fertilizer
you wanna use.  You can even grind it up wet and add more granules to it
until it's the right consistancy, but it is easier to work with if you
grind it all up dry.

Unscented *clumping* cat litter would be interesting to work with -- it
contains a large amount of bentonite.  But it is hard to find without
all kind of "freshness" additives, fragrances, flavorings, etc.  HTH :-)

Best regards,