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Re: Which Clay for Fertilizer Balls?

"Mexican Pottery Clay" has a trademark symbol next to it on the Amaco web
site, so it may NOT be a natural clay. The Amaco web site doesn't state one
way or the other exactly what it is but since it is listed in their "Arts &
Crafts" section, along with a lot of plastic polymer "clays", I'd be very
careful about using it in an aquarium unless you contact Amaco and told them
exactly what you want to do with it. You don't want to use a synthetic
compound (steer clear of polymer "clays") which might prove toxic over the
long term under the conditions in an aquarium.

Are there no craft potters in your area? (try looking in the Yellow Pages).
Dry, powdered clay is usually better for your purpose than a moist clay
body. Most any powdered Teracotta type clay should be suitable (ones that
REQUIRE firing before you can use objects made from it). Maybe you can find
a local potter and buy a few pounds from him/her privately. It is usually
only sold commercially in 25-50 lb bags and that would make enough clay
balls for everyone on the list - the bag I bought years ago is still 80%

Plantguild sells A.R.T. clay powder by the pound - if you can't find it
locally, that would be where I would go. A.R.T. has a good amount of iron in

An alternative would be to go to a hydroponics store and look for Pyroclay.
It is a 100% natural, powdered clay that contains a whole wack of minerals,
including 4.7% Fe.

James Purchase