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Which Clay for Fertilizer Balls?


I would like to make my own clay fertilizer balls and I'm hoping 
someone out there has some ideas to offer on which brands of clay 
will work for this.I've read alot about Laguna's RedArt clay and it 
seems that it is used alot for these balls. Unfortunately, I don't 
have a supplier nearby.

I ran across "Mexican Pottery Clay", which is a moist clay that is 
sold in a block and is self-hardening (made by Amaco). Has anyone 
ever used this? My primary concern is that there might be more than 
just clay in this particular product, since it is moist and made to 
be air dried.

Assuming that this clay is all wrong, what other clay options are there?

Finally, I'm thinking of using dry PMDD in the balls. Are there other 
options besides that that have worked for anyone?

Thanks in advance for any advise that you might be able to offer.