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Re: severe algae

Add KNO3 at 1/8 th teaspoon 3 x a week

That's the really weird thing.  The Lamotte test that
registered o was taken a day after I put in two
Seachem scoops that I'm told measure about 1/8th
teaspoon or .87 grams.  My cheap AP one also says
How can this be?

>Add K2PO4 at a BB or two size 2 x a week.

I have discus buffer for that.  My Red Sea kit is crap
I know.  Is the Seachem one good enough for me?  I
could afford that one... Steve Dixon seemed to like
Is it easy to read?

>flourish/TMG at 5 mls 3 x a week.

That's a lot of Flourish.  Twice what I'm adding now. 
That much?  

>I mentioned to use the tap. You don't want to for
>some reason.
>It has PO4 in it correct? And a decent KH? 

I'm not quite sure how the PO4 is.  The Red Sea kit
says about .5  Not bad if I can trust that kit.  But I
probably can't.  The KH of tapwater is about
3.something.  If the GH is 10, I guess I could mix
less tap with the distilled (6 gallons tap and 4
distilled instead of 7-8 tap and 2-3 distilled)  and
add calcium carbonate to get the KH where I want.   

>Good plan and it will hurt the algae good. Trim well
>prior to doing this and
>vac up all the leftover detritus, then do a big water

Already have.  Day three of the blackout.  

Thanks, Cavan

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